Making a Family Vision Board

This year I decided to ask my kids what they wanted to DO this year? Not what did they want, but what did they want to DO! Did they have any wishes or dreams that they wanted to see come to life? Any places they wanted to visit? I wanted to focus on experiences or anything that would encourage them to grow and learn about the world around them. This is how we created our vision board:

Personally, I wanted to have more family "adventures" this year - from little ones to big ones! My kids are homebodies and I want to travel and get out and see the world! I want new experiences, small and large. My kids are a great age at 6, 9, and 12, and they are great travelers. So, each of us talked about what we wanted to do in 2018- and for some of us it was the same thing - (like go to New York!) So, in addition to creating my own personal vision board this year with my business goals, and relationship goals, I added many of the things we talked about as a family and the experiences we wanted to have.

Fin is pointing out some of the things she specifically wants to experience from our vision board - like camping in a yurt!

So how do you do this? There are so many ways you can do it! You can all sit down together with magazines and cut out key words and photos and place them in your "section" of the vision board or you can intertwine them on the vision board - you will may find that some of you share the same visions for the year! You can also surf the internet, like I did, for specific stuff and print it out! You can do it all in one night or you can spend a week or so collecting words and photos that mean something to you and your goals and then meet up and have a family night of vision boarding. If you have little kids you can do this for them or with them and if you have bigger kids, they can do it themselves and you bring it all together. OR if your kids aren't in for cutting and pasting, you can have the goal setting/vision board conversation and then make that conversation come to life on the vision board and reveal it to the family, which is what I did with our busy schedule! (And I found our cute little cork board really cheap at Home Goods!)

The point is that you are all communicating and thinking about what you want! Its so valuable because of the time spent together talking as well as setting goals together and separately that you share. You learn a lot from each other and about each other. And planning even the smallest adventure or accomplishment is always fun! It gives you something to work towards, save for, and get excited about! Its motivational and as well as builds teamwork. And it makes everyone feel like their ideas are important and validated. ...And its always nice to remind our kids that they play a pivotal role in our family - even when it feels like mom and dad run the show most of the time!

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