The Mud Flower Mantra

What is a mantra? A mantra is a statement or phrase that is repeated to ourselves or as a group. It can be our inner voice encouraging us when we need a little push or it can be the united voice of a community when said as a group. It is used to encourage, empower, remind, calm, and/or reflect.

"I am strong, brave, and kind. I am smart and unique. I am loved." These are powerful words that were thoughtfully chosen for the Mud Flower Mantra. We end each class with this mantra because we want to send our students back into the world knowing they are all of these things and so much more, but most of all, that they are loved.

I am Strong.

Strength is not just in who can run the fastest or lift the heaviest, there are many ways to show strength. One of the most important muscles we work in our classes is our mental and emotional muscles! Strength is in the ability to help someone that is being bullied, even help the bully. It is standing up for who you are and the things you love. It is also the ability to do a little better each time you do something to reach your goals, because this consistency and determination builds strength within your body.

I am Brave.

The truth about bravery is that you cannot be brave if you are not afraid. Sometimes children associate bravery with not having any fear and not being scared, but it is the exact opposite! It is overcoming their fears to achieve things that make them nervous or that are hard. There is a warrior in each of us, warriors all around helping us, and we encourage our students to be warriors for their peers and for the earth!

I am Kind.

Choose Kind! We have built the Mud Flower values on the foundation of kindness and compassion. We know that by teaching these values we are helping to raise a future generation of peacemakers. We consider and explore all aspects of being kind; kindness to ourselves, our friends and family, our planet, and even those people who might frustrate us a little bit or a lot! At Mud Flower, we are all Kindness Warriors!

I am Smart.

Being smart doesn’t always mean getting the best grades, it means making good decisions that will help our students live a happier more confident life. We all have the potential to do anything with a little belief in ourselves and support from our community!

I am Unique.

Individuality and uniqueness is celebrated in our classes! We encourage kids to stand strong and proud in their "You-ness”, and to respect and honor the differences in others. Feeling supported from a community that celebrates each child’s unique gifts is so important. No child should feel ashamed or afraid of who they are, they should be celebrated. We’ve noticed that people who embrace their individuality are the ones who become leaders, innovators, and world changers! Each child is different and special and we celebrate those differences!

I am Loved.

Because we all deserve to know that we are loved!

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