Earth Warrior Tips!

There are many ways that we can honor the earth! The most important thing is to do something no matter how little the action, every little bit helps!

Here are 10 ways we can all be EARTH WARRIORS!:

  1. Pick up garbage and put it in the trash. How many times do we pass a wrapper on the ground? It only takes a second to pick it up and put it in the garbage and if we all did this simple action it would make a huge impact.

  2. Use filtered water instead of bottled water. Plastic can be harmful to the environment if it’s not recycled. It can be found in our oceans, rivers, and lakes and effects the eco systems of these environments negatively. If you do use plastic, make sure to recycle it!

  3. Use reusable bags for your groceries instead of the plastic bags provided by the stores. These can be purchased at most grocery stores and can make a huge impact. It’s estimated that the world uses 260 million tons of plastic bags annually, and 10% of this ends up in the oceans. If you don’t have reusable bags use paper bags and recycle or reuse them!

  4. RECYCLE, RECYCLE, RECYCLE!!!!!! Whatever you can, whenever you can, and as much as you can!!! If your community does not have a recycling program, how can you help to get one started?!

  5. Plant trees, bushes, flowers, and gardens! We need oxygen from plants and trees to survive and the earth needs the nourishment from plants as well! Find out what plants attract butterflies and bees in your area and plant these to help support declining pollinators.

  6. Ride your bike or walk to the store when possible!

  7. Unplug electronics that do not need power when they are not in use! Unplugging charges, microwaves, toasters, lamps, hair dryers, etc. can conserve energy in your home.

  8. Donate to organizations that support environmental clean-up and sustainability research!

  9. Buy toys and products that are not excessively packaged, or that are packaged with recycled materials.

  10. Conserve the use of water in your home whenever possible! Turn off the water while brushing your teeth, take quick showers, run your dishwasher only when it is full, just to name a few.

We only have one Earth, she takes great care of us, let’s take great care of her!

We would love to hear how you are honoring the Earth, please share your stories or pictures with us on Instagram, @Mudfloweryoga #mudflowerearthwarrior

#earthday #earthwarrior #recycle #reduce #reuse #donate #conserve

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