Meet Dede King!

Dede is another amazing Mud Flower teacher! When she's not teaching yoga all over Houston, she volunteers for Dress for Success Houston, an organization that helps single mothers, homeless women, returning veterans, and others find jobs by providing them with clothes to look and feel their best. She also volunteers for Youth Hope Association. Youth Hope Association hosts a themed party once a month at Texas Children’s Hospital for patients and their families who are fighting cancer, as an effort to brighten their day and provide a little relief. DeDe was taught growing up that if you have anything to give back, then do it…. whether it be your money, time, or effort.

We all need somebody to lean on! We think DeDe’s amazing!

Q & A with Dede

Mud Flower: What’s your favorite movie and why?

Dede: I don’t know if I could pick just one and that’s only because I’m a movie critic and have seen sooooooooo many incredible movies. I think there’s a ton of great movies out there and it would be like asking me what’s my fav yoga pose- it’s always changing. So I’ll name a handful of my top favorites - Slumdog Millionaire, The Wolf of Wall Street, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Grand Budapest Hotel, & CoCo.

MF: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Dede: I have been scuba diving at night in Hawaii with my family. We went on a two tank dive to see the giant manta rays. It was spectacular!!! We went down to the ocean floor with giant lights shining above us and plankton came to the light, and then like gentle giant beasts- out from the dark waters came manta rays with huge wingspans diving just a couple of feet over our heads to feed on the plankton. It was magical and so special because there’s no sound down there. Just a sight for your eyes!

MF: Why did you want to work with Mud Flower?

Dede: I was a competitive athlete growing up playing volleyball, basketball, softball and anything else active and outside I was there with my friends. I tore my knee three different times before I discovered yoga and I wish I had the opportunity to learn yoga growing up when my body was still developing. Yoga is more than just the body though. Yoga has also changed my life off of my yoga mat. I’m able to calm myself down with using my breath or doing some mindful movement and that’s what I think is important for younger kids. Growing up is tough enough and if they are able to take in what we are teaching them, it could help with testing, performing at a game for your team in a big moment, peer pressure, or any other stresses they may have in their lives.

MF: What’s your favorite food?

Dede: Oh gosh, another one where I can’t pick just one option?!? Ahhhhhh!!!! Lol I LOVE FOOD!!😍I guess if I had to pick.... I would say I love fish (fresh ceviche & sashimi) and fruit (I try local fruit wherever I travel)!! I have a garden at home so I can incorporate things I grow into my cooking. I grow lemons, limes, grapefruits, peaches, kumquats, Japanese plum, basil, mint, oregano, thyme, garlic chives, rosemary, Indian curry, and lavender.

MF: If you could hang out and meditate with one movie star, who would it be?

Dede: Tie between Oprah and Beyoncé. I’ve met Oprah before when she came to Houston but it was very brief and I want some good girl time with Oprah and Beyoncé. I think they are both queens that are changing the world and making it a better place to be a confident woman!!


MF: What would your magic wand wish be?

Dede: That yoga and healthy eating are available to every child. Growing up and learning how to eat healthy and how to move your body in a safe way to have longevity and no injuries are beyond important and I just want everyone to understand that.

MF: What is your mantra?

Dede: Have fun and be kind.

MF: What would your current self-tell your 20-year-old self?

Dede: To let go of the things that don’t bring me joy because they are only holding me down and once they are gone things will only get better.


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