Joy Dots

Joy is more than happiness! It is beyond happy. It can fill our heart, head, and soul, if we let it! It is happiness + freedom + peace.

Creating Joy Dots are a really great activity to encourage thinking about things that bring us joy! And just thinking about joy, releases endorphins, which means just the memory of a joyful moment can bring the same amount of joy as the actual experience!

Have you ever walked past a bakery or restaurant and smelled something that reminded you of your childhood or a specific memory from your past and you were filled with emotion? Or has anyone every asked you what your favorite color is? Have you ever thought about why that is your favorite color? Probably because it reminds you of something that makes you feel good!

We are going to use two of our senses, sight and smell, to create little happiness to take wherever we go! By creating Joy Dots, we are combining those 2 senses to elicit a positive response every time we see/smell our Joy Dot. When we create Joy Dots, we infuse them with our own personal intentions as we mindfully approach things like our favorite smells and colors!

What You Need:

Colored Felt

(cut into circles, or any shape you want!)

You can find felt at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon

Essential Oils

we recommend trying things like lavender, vanilla, orange, lemon, cinnamon, and peppermint (but be sure to keep away from eyes) - but anything is possible! You can find oils at CVS, Whole Foods, HEB, and on Amazon!

How to Make them:

1. Pick a piece of felt - your favorite color - one that brings you JOY! Everyone relates to colors differently. Take a moment to really think about what color brings you joy and why. What does it make you think of? What do you feel when you think about this color?

2. Smell each essential oil. Close your eyes and breath in, noticing what happens in your body and brain when you smell each one. Mindful smelling is a great way to tap into the moment and be present!

3. Dab a few drops (1-3) of your oil onto the felt. It will hold the smell for days - and some for weeks!

How to Use them:

*Throw it in your backpack to brighten your day!

*Toss it under your pillow to help with bedtime and encourage sweet dreams!

*Toss it in your drawers to freshen up your clothes!

*Have it in the car to cheer up before school, after school, or on the way to lessons and appointments!

*Put it next to your homework or computer!

*Use it as your drishti (focus spot) in yoga and then during savasana!

There are endless ways and places to use them! Make different ones for different occassions!

And make sure to take a pic and let us know how YOU use your JOY DOTS!!


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