Tree Pose

There are so many ways to explore tree pose! We are going to give you a couple of options and we look forward to hearing about your original tree poses! Make sure to take a photo and share with us on social media!


First things first:

Your legs!

You can set them up as a "kickstand" to help with balance! This is great if you are just starting off or if you are still working on getting your balance! Your knee is out to the side.

Then, when you are ready to balance on one foot, you can place your foot on your leg, just above your ankle. Your knee is still out to the side - not pointing to the front.

And finally, you can bring your leg all the way up to the inner thigh (above the knee, so you don't put pressure on your knee joint) using your hands if you need help to get it up there. Your knee is still facing out to the side!

Thats it for your legs!

Second thing:

Your arms!

There are lots of variations you can do with your arms!

You can place them on your heart or together in front of your heart!

You can place them on your hips or reach them out to the sides for balance.

Or stretch them out and up to the sky like tree branches!

Or bring palms together over your head!

You choose! It's YOUR tree!

What kind of tree are you?

Is it windy outside and your tree is blowing in the breeze?

Or is it calm and still outside?

Extra challenge!

Balance doesn't just come from using our feet and arms, but also from our eyesight! Isn't that nuts?! Try it! Go into your tree pose and see what happens when you close your eyes!


You can also do Tree Pose with a friend or with a whole group of friends or family! Stand in a circle, facing the center, where you can reach the people next to you. When you go into your pose, reach out to the people on your sides and place your hands gently on their upper backs to help support them and hold them up! Maybe now your try it again with your eyes closed? Notice a difference?

Isn't it great when there are others there to help hold you up?!

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