Send a Valentine to Texas Children's Hospital

I love arts and crafts! LOVE them! I keep colored pencils, markers, tape, scissors, crayons, paint, paint brushes, and paper in a basket by our dining table! I have always known that art is a great outlet and way to express our emotions! We are all artists! You don't have to be able to draw a perfect circle to be a great artist, you just have to put your heart into it! (Think about Pablo Picasso!) And what better time than Valentine's day to put your heart into something!

Handmade crafts are a great way to show someone we really care! Handmade cards are the BEST! And since we are focusing on compassion this month, we thought that it would be a great time to send some love to someone who could really use it!

Each year 6000 children are admitted to Texas Children's Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. That is approximately 6000 kids who won't be in class this year as Valentine cards are passed out and dropped into specially decorated shoe boxes.

So, we have decided to have our students and our own kiddos hand make Valentine's cards for the children that are currently in Texas Children's Hospital. It doesn't have to be much or anything fancy, just something that shows you care and are sending some good vibes to someone in need!

It's best to send positive words, just like in our mantra! If you need some ideas, we recommend things such as "You are so STRONG!" "You are LOVED" and our favorite "You are AWESOME!"

It can be as simple as "Happy Valentines Day! I am sending you some good vibes!"

Or "Sending you some Valentine's Shine!"

It's as simple as that! Then don't forget to pop it in the mail! They will be hand delivered to the kids in long term care! You will brighten their day and bring a smile to their faces! Mailing addresses are below.

Sometimes, art not only heals the artist, but the person who receives it!

Texas Children’s Hospital - Main Campus Volunteer Services 6621 Fannin Street, Suite A.125 Houston, TX. 77030

Texas Children's Hospital - West Campus Volunteer Services, West Campus 18200 Katy Freeway, Suite WA.270.05 Houston, TX. 77094

Texas Children's Hospital - The Woodlands Volunteer Services, The Woodlands Suite WL.230.01 17600 IH 45 South The Woodlands, TX 77384

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