Connecting in Motherhood

Here are three ways I try to connect with my daughters.

1. Family game night is always a favorite at our house. Whether it’s a fierce game of Sorry or movie charades, we always have a blast connecting through playing games. Belly laughs, good competition, and so much fun had by all.

2. I give my girls a hug every morning and night before they go to bed. It’s two of my favorite times of the day! I once heard you should hold a hug for seven seconds for it to really sink in.

3. I keep a journal with both of my daughters that we pass back and forth whenever we can. Whether it be a day, week, or month in-between, it has been a great way for us to connect and have conversations that might not have revealed as much if we actually would have talked about it. It’s a great place for us to share our hopes and dreams, failures, and wins with one another! I also love that we will have it to read in the future to remind us of those memories.

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