Fighting with the Garden of Intentions

Spring time is one of my favorite times of the year. Having grown up in Montana my Spring was usually still Winter and it was a pretty short-lived season. As beautiful as Montana is, I must say I truly love Springtime in Texas! The smell of jasmine, the huge vibrant green bushy trees in full bloom, the warm sunshine, and all the birds and butterflies make me so happy!

Since we’ve moved to Texas about six years ago, we have consistently planted new things in our yard, some plants have survived my un green thumb and as much hope as I’ve had in others, they didn’t make it. I often get frustrated and contemplate well maybe if I would’ve planted that somewhere else or watered it more or less, it may have survived. I think what a waste of money, time and effort. Other times, I am amazed that there’s always that one single plant in the middle of my pot that I keep trying to get rid of that keeps coming back without any effort on my part or to my dismay!

It reminds me of my own intention’s, strengths, and weaknesses and how I tend to them the way I do my garden. Like the plants that slowly dwindled, so did some of my intentions. As beautiful as they seemed at first, they didn’t last long. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. Maybe the intention wasn’t authentic to me and because of that it was doomed in the beginning. Maybe it was something I thought I “HAD” to do or a charade of what I really needed or wanted.

Then, there are those intentions like that annoying plant that whether you want to tend to them or not they are there time and time again calling me to action! The need for them is so rootedin me that they don’t budge; they always show up! Intentions like taking time for myself, putting myself first, worrying less, or doing the things that scare me because even though it’s hard I know I can. This is what shows up every time. This is important, I am important! My joy matters, and my happiness is worth the effort.


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