Growing Seeds of Intention

I was recently fortunately enough to be on a retreat in Aruba. On the first day, we all drew Angel cards, meant to inspire us to create an intention for the week that we were there. I drew the “Pregnancy” card. Needless to say, my first instinct was to throw the card as far away from my body as possible in the hopes that the Universe didn’t think that that meant that I should be pregnant again! As you can guess from my reaction, my baby having days are behind me and I love enjoying my kids in the stages they are in life right now! Just to be clear!

However, I have a wise friend who knew a little more about these inspirational cards and opened my mind up to what that could reallymean for me. As she sat and read me the explanation of what a “pregnancy” card means, I realized that perhaps it DID, in fact, pertain to me. And I think it can pertain to all of us! So, here is what I got.

There is a seed of an idea in me that has been growing. It’s exciting and scary and could take a lot of work, effort, and sacrifice on my part, but once it is fully grown and ready to be “birthed,” it could be one of my greatest accomplishments, just like my 3 beautiful daughters that I physically birthed. As with any big idea, we always say “I don’t know,” “I’m not sure,” and “Am I ready?,” “Am I good enough?” There is lots of second guessing and waiting for the “right time.” But when else is there? Today is the day. Carpe Diem. As Jonathan Larson so beautifully put in his 1990’s bohemian musical, Rent, there really is “No day but today.”

What idea might you be sitting on? Is there something that you have been thinking about or wanting to do or create but you weren’t sure if you were ready or would be good enough? What if you didn’t wait anymore? What if you started bravely growing and cultivating that idea like a small plant? Just give it a little sunshine and water everyday and watch it grow! You ARE good enough now! You ARE ready now! You CAN do it!

So, as we sneeze our way into spring and the flowers are blooming and the trees are re-sprouting their bright green leaves and I am busy keeping the allergy medicine companies in business, perhaps it is time to look inside ourselves and see what seeds might be ready to sprout. They can be small or big! But every idea is a possibility that just needs to be cultivated and watered. Let your kids or students see you believe in yourself and bravely grow that idea into something that your whole family can celebrate together! Maybe it is something you can all work on together to grow! When they see you be brave and follow your dreams, you are leading the way for them to do the same!

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