3 Get-Rid-of-Stress & ANXIETY HACKS

1. I find that using my breath to surf through the waves of stress as big or as little as they roll in is always my best tool. I have noticed that as I continue to use my breath to move through tough emotions my breath has deepened and therefore the effects of it tend to come faster than when I used to naturally breath more shallowly. Just like your body gets stronger from exercising, practicing deep breathing strengthens your breath. Maybe I have more practice deep breathing these days because I have a 13-year-old daughter, and that means relationships, phones, shopping, hormones, and all of the “teen stuff”! Phew, I had to take a deep breath just writing that. J

2. Besides breathing through stressful moments, my favorite thing to do to shake things off is to have to dance party! Singing at the top of my lungs and dancing to my favorite song of the moment always lifts me up! My daughters and I often have a dance party before school on days that are going to be tough. It always helps relieve some of the tension or anxiety we are holding. We use dance parties to celebrate the good days as well! We each pick our favorite song and dance our hearts out. Dancing is such great medicine for the soul!

3. When I feel my blood start to boil, the butterflies start to flutter in my gut, or the tears start to pour, I know it’s time to go outside. Whether it’s a bike ride, a walk, or just sitting, I find taking time to be in nature without a phone or any distractions allows me to immediately calm down. Noticing the beauty in nature helps me to realize I am not alone, it encourages me to remember that whatever I am experiencing will pass, and helps me to feel a sense of connection and more grounded to the present moment. If one of my daughters is struggling and we need to have a difficult conversation about whatever they are experiencing, I find it eases their minds so they can speak more freely if we talk while walking or just by being outside. Being mindful of nature and the magic of it always does the trick for me!

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