Be Here Now!

Try as I might, I just struggle with the ability to be present! My brain is always thinking, planning, replaying, and even practicing what I might say somewhere or to someone at any given time. I'm sure that many adults: mothers, and fathers, also struggle with this same thing! I am always, and I mean ALWAYS, reminding myself to be present. I meditate every morning to strengthen by ability to be in the moment, but the struggle is real. However, I keep doing it every day because those moments of presence and calm are TOTALLY worth it!

Summer is a great opportunity for me to really jump in to the opportunity to work on my presence simply because we don't have as much planned as we do during the school year and it's a great time to practicing going with the flow and just letting life unfold as it may.

We just returned from traveling and I made myself a promise not to plan ANYTHING for a whole week! My goal was to remain in the moment, and just allow myself to be present with whatever presented itself. So I let go of the plans, the over thinking, the desire to be in control, and just let myself be present. We said "YES" to all the adventures and opportunities that presented themselves and we made memories by being in the moment. I laughed more. I saw my kids eyes light up with new experiences and challenges. I built lasting memories full of joy and spontaneity. My kids got a mom who was happy, not worried or stressed or anxiety ridden about where we would eat and when, what we would do, and if everyone was happy! I was joyful!

#stressmanagement #bepresent #beherenow #momtruth #motherhood #parenthood

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