Let Go!

Let Go - As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires.

This was the angel card I pulled out during the first night at a yoga retreat I recently had the privilege to attend. Ironically, we had just gone around the circle and set our intention for the week and mine was to LET GO.When the card I pulled matched perfectly to my intention I knew immediately I had a lot to let go of.

What rang true to me in the message on the card were the words, “surrender the need to control”. I am the first to admit I am a freakazoid when it comes to my home. I like things to be uncluttered and in their right place. I expect my family to read my mind most times and know exactly what they should be doing and where things should go and I get frustrated when they don’t meet my expectations. At times I may not have communicated what I needed from them and other times I’ve communicated it to the point of exhaustion. Either way, it truly affects me and sometimes my family’s lack of cooperation or lack of reading my mind totally blows my joy flame out! So, this concept of letting go of some of those things that maybe aren’t worthy of "joy stealing" could only benefit the overall energy of our home, but this seemed like an impossible concept.

Before I left for the retreat I jokingly said to my husband, “make sure you vacuum the couch twice a day”, knowing for sure he wouldn’t! It would be full of dog hair and crumbs by the time I returned. Surprisingly, halfway through the week he sent me a picture of himself vacuuming the couch. I have to say I fell even more in love with him when I saw this pic! Is letting go as easy as asking for what you need from somebody instead of expecting them to know? Maybe if I clearly and kindly expressed what I needed, and why, I would get a better response. So, instead of letting things fester until I wanted to scream and yell and get mad, I started asking! It’s helped!

As I started letting go at the retreat I not only noticed how amazing this release felt on the inside, but I physically noticed a difference in my appearance. Upon my return, my family said, you look different (in a good way). People at places I work weekly made comments like, “did you get a haircut or did you do something different”. They smiled more at me, people were friendlier and I was friendlier.

Letting go of unreasonable expectations is only one small aspect of letting go. There are many things that hold us back that if we just let go of we could feel that relaxed energy that would attract our desires. Letting go of things from our past that we couldn’t control and letting go of worrying about what is to come when we should be enjoying each moment we have now. Both are imperative to living a joy filled life.

This Summer I am committed to letting go! To choosing creating memories, instead of doing dishes. I will trust that surrendering my control of the past, the future, and the present will allow me the freedom to create joyful happy memories with my family!

How can you let go this Summer? What can you let out to make room to let in all the good stuff?

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