The Other Side of Fear

"On the other side of fear is everything you want…. "

This quote rang so true to me when I started to think of all of my fears past and present. Everything I want is on the other side of the big huge F word, “FEAR”!

When I was younger I remember being paralyzed from fear by the boogie man that was for sure in the closet, in the hallway outside of my room, under my bed, staring at me while my eyes were closed, he was everywhere (in the form of a fluorescent green blob hovering over me while I slept)! I remember it taking all the courage I could muster up to sprint as fast as I could the 10 feet from my bed to my parent’s bedroom across the hall, just to collapse in exhaustion on their floor and make my Mom hold my hand until I fell back asleep. I was just starting to get to the other side of this fear and was able to sleep and breathe during the night when an actor announced that there was a ghost hiding in the shades in one of the scenes in the movie Three Men and a Baby and that was it, all the fears that ghosts were legit came rushing back! It took another month or so to get my breath back at night, but it finally came back to me.

As I sit and consider my fears I face as an adult, they just kept coming and coming…. From Super Nova (the devilish puppy) harassing our cat Cleo, how my daughter will do on her test today, global warming, figuring out what I’m going to be when I grow up, the health of everyone I know, living up to everyone’s and my own expectations; I mean it goes on and on. I also begin to feel guilty about how my fears are so insignificant compared to what I know many go through. I am truly full of gratitude for my life and fear can sometimes hinder that gratitude. But I know that 100% of the time when I practice gratitude, my fears subside in that moment. The most difficult fears for me to overcome are the ones that I have no control over. I’ve only been able to let go of fear by focusing on what I can do and accepting that is enough. I can communicate with my children about being safe and making good decisions and there is still time to do things I’m passionate about when I grow up, but I just have to do it!!! I cannot let fear paralyze me and leave me stuck in the mud, so I do the little things or what I can to get passed it. I’ve realized that the things I want most are the things I’m most fearful of… It is these fears that I want to move through that take courage. Courage I find in sharing my fears, writing out goals to conquer them, and taking action!

Let’s kick FEAR by facing it head on!

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