an emotional, mental, or physical  response to a demanding or uncomfortable circumstance. 

Have you ever felt STRESSED?

Tense muscles.  Racing pulse.  Jumbled thoughts. Irritation.

When we ask a room full of students or teachers this question, there is not a hand in the room that doesn’t immediately go up. Stress has settled its way into our daily lives, and most of us have conditioned ourselves to accept it.

Stress effects our sleep, patience, attention span, memory, listening skills, and health. By effecting all of these things it inevitably steals our joy. 

We have seen the positive effects that mindfulness has on stress.  Activities such as self-discovery, tension releasing movement for the body, exercising your mind, focusing your thoughts, breath work, creating community, and connecting to yourself and your environment, will tell stress to hit the road!


Being aware of  the present moment,  here and now, with kindness and curiosity. 

It is not easy to send stress packing, it takes courage, vulnerability, and practice. Mindfulness in the classroom is the key to balancing the stress and anxiety that the brave teachers and students face on a daily basis. We believe that through a consistent practice you can find compassion, confidence, and bring back your joy!  

just the facts!

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